Lineberry Carts

Lineberry Carts have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years after Restoration Hardware repurposed and popularized them as coffee tables. Originally Lineberry Carts, produced by the Lineberry Company of Wilkboro, North Carolina, were used to transport luggage at railway stations across the country.

The carts come in several different styles with the wheel pattern being the most noticeable difference between the designs. The carts that I have restored have had the spoke wheel, floral wheel and teardrop pattern wheels. Typically the metal pieces of the cart are all cast iron and the wooden frames are made of white oak.

Restored Carts are $425.00 plus shipping (local delivery within 50 miles of Detroit is free / Continental US $275.00)


Teardrop Wheel Pattern

*Corner posts were fabricated for a floating glass top 


Floral Wheel Pattern



Spoke Wheel Pattern – frame of cart was stained with Minwax Early American stain (other carts show above had polyurethane applied to bare wood).




Carts Before Restoration



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